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Investigate Opportunities And Barriers Of The Lean Project Delivery Systems (LPDS) To The Electrical Contractors - A Pilot Study In A Healthcare Project, CA
As of May 21, 2018


This report is the result of an Early Career Award project funded by ELECTRI International in 2008. 

“Lean” was originally a managerial concept aimed at creating client-valued products with minimal waste through various organizational tools and by reconstructing production flow. Modern day applications of lean have appropriated this manufacturing tool to the construction industry. Similar to manufacturing, the goal of applying lean to construction is to identify waste and streamline flow. 

Lean construction began with improving production planning reliability. Recently, it has expanded to become an integrated project delivery system that incorporates lean principles and concepts. Numerous studies have been made examining the application of lean principles to construction projects from the general contractors’ perspective, while few have been studied from the electrical contractor’s perspective. This research will help electrical contractors implement “lean” and enjoy the subsequent benefits.

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PDF; 30 pages