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Western Pennsylvania Chapter Steps Up
As of May 20, 2018

Published on: 
January 13, 2014

NECA’s Western Pennsylvania Chapter has added $50,000 to its commitment to ELECTRI International. This increase brings the chapter to the Envoy recognition level with a total of $300,000.

ELECTRI recently spoke with two of the Chapter’s leaders to find out more about why the Chapter is such a strong supporter of the Foundation. Bob Bruce (Bruce & Merrilees Electric) explained, “We see young students as the most important investment we can make in our industry and our chapter. Competitions such as ELECTRI’s Green Energy Challenge are getting bigger and better each year. When 500 contractors show up for a Saturday afternoon event, ELECTRI is, obviously doing something right. Our Chapter members hope that our decision will help stimulate other chapters to want to give generously to ELECTRI. We need to bring attention and talent to our industry.”

Long-time chapter member and ELECTRI advocate Fred Sargent (Sargent Electric) spoke enthusiastically about Western Pennsylvania’s leaders. “Our chapter is very fortunate to have both our President, Todd Mikec from Lighthouse Electric, and our Governor, Bob Bruce, so involved with ELECTRI. They get our Board and members to see the value of supporting ELECTRI International. The decision to increase our gift to the Foundation required no selling at all. The Board agreed immediately because we know that we can turn to ELECTRI for fresh insights and new information.”