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Southern Nevada Now on Board
As of June 20, 2018

Published on: 
March 18, 2015

NECA’s Southern Nevada Chapter is the newest $100,000 Founder on the ELECTRI Council. Following the January ELECTRI Council meeting, we met with Chapter Executive Donald V. Campbell to talk about the Chapter’s decision and its members’ hopes for the future of the industry.

ELECTRI: Nevada experienced some very tough times during the country’s economic downturn. Is all of that behind you now?

DON CAMPBELL: We have 34 members in our Chapter and that includes all of the largest ECs in Nevada. We’re just beginning to build new casinos again, but our work will most likely not return to past levels of construction. Nevertheless, we know we’re on the road to a good recovery and it’s time for us to get more involved with ELECTRI.

ELECTRI: How do you see that involvement playing out?

CAMPBELL: ELECTRI has put together an outstanding research agenda that grows and changes every year. In addition to the research, ELECTRI’s programs and competitions to attract bright talent to our industry are excellent opportunities for our contractors to go “Hands on” with the Foundation. Our members can help by serving on the Program Review Committee, or a competition jury, or a project task force. Every member of every contributing Chapter has the advantage of being at the table as we work to make our industry stronger.

ELECTRI: In your opinion, how does ELECTRI’s mission tie together with that of the Association?

CAMPBELL: The two best things that I have experienced in my years with this organization are ELECTRI International and NECAPAC, which we used to know as ECPAC. The interesting thing is that they are not at all connected to each other. NECAPAC gives us funding to use to help bring important issues to the attention of business-minded legislators and regulators. ELECTRI, our charitable foundation, focuses on helping us take our own businesses to unprecedented heights through research and education.

ELECTRI: In 2013 and 2014, ELECTRI decided to make a special effort to encourage more NECA Chapters to join the ELECTRI Council. Did that effort influence your Board’s decision to join?

CAMPBELL: Our Southern Nevada members are all smart business owners. Yes, we were aware that ELECTRI wanted to enlist more financial support from NECA Chapters. But, it only happened because ELECTRI’s products are directly relevant to our members’ business needs.

ELECTRI: What would you tell other NECA Chapters about making an investment in ELECTRI?

CAMPBELL: It’s the most forward-thinking decision your leaders will ever make.