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Santa Clara Valley Chapter Moves From Governor to Regent
As of May 26, 2018

Published on: 
March 18, 2014

ELECTRI International has added another Regent contributor ($250,000) - The Santa Clara Valley Chapter - NECA. ELECTRI Council Chairman Dan Divane received the commitment letter from Chapter Executive W. Thomas Barrow, pledging the Chapter’s additional $100,000 to ELECTRI’s Research Center.

Barrow explained the Chapter’s decision to increase its gift. “My membership is experiencing the benefits of being located in the heart of Silicon Valley where major projects now being constructed. In addition, the new stadium for the San Francisco 49ers is in the final stages of completion this summer. This has combined to create a strong economic base for our NECA Members. 

When talking about ELECTRI’s Research Center, Barrow noted, “We have a keen interest in industry research and believe that ELECTRI can do an excellent job in helping us face several issues. For example, portability is a major concern and we hope the topic can be resolved once and for all through the Foundation’s research findings and recommendations."

Barrow sees his chapter as being well ahead of the curve in terms of the importance of incorporating pre-fab into EC projects. “We are strong advocates of pre-fab and our major employers have excellent pre-fab facilities in place. ELECTRI research recommendations on how to improve productivity and profitability by using pre-fabrication would be important for the industry as a whole.”

The Chapter’s representative to the ELECTRI Council is Mike Jurewicz, Sprig Electric. Barrow commented, “Mike has done an excellent job as our members’ rep to the Council, communicating with our members. He sits on ELECTRI’s Program Review Committee and makes sure that our ideas and needs are taken into consideration as the ELECTRI Council sets its research agenda.”