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Safety DashBoard Getting Rave Reviews
As of June 23, 2018

Published on: 
April 30, 2012

ELECTRI International's commissioned research on safety strategies for line construction is getting a lot of attention. The Safety DashBoard is one result of the research conducted at the University of Colorado by Dr. Matthew Hallowell. This risk mitigation analysis tool is unique in that it helps electrical line contractors and utility customers determine safety and health protective strategies utilizing a cost benefit approach.

The innovative Safety DashBoard has gained significant interest among utilities, contractors, general contractors and the regulatory community. ELECTRI International and NECA are working to make the Safety DashBoard tool widely accessible to the line construction industry.

The full ELECTRI research report will be available from 25 April via the the NECA shop; the Safety DashBoard Tool can be accessed at

For additional information about ELECTRI International and its research agenda, contact Russ Alessi, ELECTRI President, at 301-215-4518 or