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REX Electric Plans For Growth By Joining The ELECTRI Council
As of May 26, 2018

Published on: 
April 19, 2013

REX Electric & Technologies, LLC has joined the ELECTRI Council at the $100,000 Founder level.  The gift will support both the Research Center and the Talent Initiative. 

The company, headquartered in Chicago, employs more than 350 in the field and 70 at its headquarters.  REX is well-known for its concentration on tenant improvement and service projects.  

Dominic Sergi, President and CEO, heads this family business, originally founded by his great uncle in 1921. He recently told ELECTRI International, “Our vision for our company and for the whole electrical industry is, obviously, to keep growing.  There will always be a need for electricity and the work that ELECTRI commissions will help us to deliver it better.” 

Both Sergi and REX Executive VP, Michael Bosco, are excited about the opportunity to learn from other contractors.  Bosco noted, “The thing that impressed us the most about ELECTRI is the opportunity to network with companies from around the country.  Being active in ELECTRI’s research selection process is important to us. Some topics – like portability – may never get settled, but we’re glad that ELECTRI is looking into the issue. Being involved in deciding how the Foundation can help our industry is really good for all of us.”

Dominic Sergi, President and CEO, REX Electric

Dominic Sergi, President
and CEO, REX Electric