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A Positive Financial Report
As of June 23, 2018

Published on: 
January 29, 2013

The ELECTRI International Board of Trustees received a positive report on the Foundation's finances for 2012. Comparing the first 11 months of 2011 to January-November 2012, the Foundation's revenues showed an increase of $950,000 moving from $1.61 million to $2.56 million. Expenses for that same timeframe increased by only $173,000. The result is a positive $1.23 million increase in net assets.

The 2012 investment report was presented by ELECTRI's investment advisor Chris Griesedieck, Chairman and Managing Director, Zemenick & Walker, Inc. ELECTRI's total 2012 portfolio value moved from a January 1 opening of $11.69 million to a December 31 close of $13.25 million. As an example, the average one-year performance on the ELECTRI International portfolio earmarked for research came in at 10.66%, putting ELECTRI investments well ahead of the comparable benchmark @ 9.26%.

Trustees also reviewed a summary of annual investment expenses. The total, including advisory fees, was less than one percent of the portfolio value for calendar year 2012.