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Planned Giving Decisions - When and How?
As of June 20, 2018

Published on: 
June 17, 2014

ELECTRI International often receives notice that one of its Council member contractors has made the decision to name ELECTRI as a beneficiary of his/her estate plan. As each planned gift is put into place, ELECTRI has the opportunity to find out how the contributor came to the decision to make this type of investment in ELECTRI. Here are a few of their remarks.

Ernie PastorFor me, there was a very clear financial reason to take this path. I purchased stock at $5 per share and it’s now at $50 per share. By contributing it to ELECTRI, I paid no capital gains and I saved on taxes as well. By earmarking the stock for a charitable organization, I can also have more than one beneficiary. I was pleased to have found this simple way to support ELECTRI International.

Brian Christopher – If I can help it, I don’t intend to leave any of my money to the government. If I wanted to give cash straight out to ELECTRI, it’s a simple process. By using appreciated stock, I did save money and did not have to pay capital gains tax. The process took a bit longer and I had to be careful step by step as the asset was being transferred. I started in business with a ’49 truck and no money. I know that my family and I had a good living from this industry. I’ve set aside a nest egg for them and I wanted to give something back for the next generation in this business.

Richard W. and Darlene Y. McBrideRichard W. McBrideFirst, you take care of God and family. Then, it’s important to give back to the industry. Darlene and I looked at making a planned gift to ELECTRI as a business decision. We see it as an obligation for every business owner to do something strong. This industry gave me a good life and I’m happy that I’m able to give back.


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