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A Packed House at Green Energy Challenge Competition Finals
As of May 20, 2018

Published on: 
October 18, 2013

ELECTRI International’s 2013 Green Energy Challenge competition attracted the best and brightest NECA Student Chapter teams AND several hundred electrical contractors interested in meeting upcoming talent for the industry. 

Following months of preparation, the three finalist teams – Iowa State University, Penn State University, and the University of Washington – offered their project solutions to this year’s challenge to retrofit an existing on-campus parking facility. The six member jury of contractors and industry partners carefully questioned each team following each group’s presentation.

ELECTRI Council Chair Dan Divane announced the 2013 winner – University of Washington – and recognized the other two finalist teams for their incredible efforts. For Best Individual Presenter, the jury selected Tara Harrington from the University of Washington.

ELECTRI also sponsored a Poster Contest and asked all ELECTRI Council members to review and then select the visual presentation that best described the team’s proposed Green Energy Challenge solution. Youngstown State University won the Poster Competition, closely followed by Penn State and Perdue University.

The annual Green Energy Challenge competition is part of ELECTRI International’s Talent Initiative. ELECTRI provides financial prizes to the winning schools and helps support team travel and attendance at NECA’s annual convention.

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