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An Outstanding Year
As of June 23, 2018

Published on: 
December 23, 2013

ELECTRI International made major strides in 2013.

Contributions to the Foundation are stronger than ever. During 2013, the Foundation received new commitments of $1.5 million and more than $1 million in cash to add to the ELECTRI investment portfolio.

The Talent Initiative Challenge Grant met its goal, adding $700,000 to ELECTRI's Education Center. Our thanks again to Dick and Tim McBride of Southern Contracting and Walt and Michael Parkes of O'Connell Electric for sponsoring the Challenge with gifts of $100,000 each.

"ELECTRI International's strength comes from the strength of our contractors, NECA Chapters, and industry allies," noted ELECTRI President, Russ Alessi. "We are very appreciative of the incredible network of connections that these leaders have helped put together for the electrical construction industry."

Important 2013 Accomplishments

  • The fifth annual Green Energy Student Competition finals in Washington, DC, saw a record audience of more than 500 interested contractors and other companies taking a close look at the talented university students who will be the next generation of electrical construction. The winning NECA Student Chapter from the University of Washington received a $3,000 award from ELECTRI for the school.
  • ELECTRI's Cross-Border meeting, sponsored by ELECTRI's International Center, took participants to Quito, Ecuador, for some stimulating cultural and business exchanges.
  • Criteria for the new Student Passport Initiative competition is in place. NECA Student Chapter teams will offer their proposals on electrifying under-privileged domestic or international areas. The team with the winning proposal will receive a $20,000 grant from ELECTRI towards travel and implementation. Student Chapters are expected to develop close working relationships with their sponsoring NECA Chapter and other industry leaders who can provide advice and/or equipment.
  • The ELECTRI Council fine-tuned the research process by identifying two "hot topics" for researchers to address in their proposals. Investigators can also offer proposals on other areas for research if they can demonstrate the project's value to the industry.
  • The ELECTRI Council selected four major research projects and four young professional awards for 2013. Each topic was evaluated and selected as key to the future success of the EC industry.
  • A featured education session at the April 2013 NECA Now Conference- Developing Talent - Generating Success as your Family Business Evolves- was a direct result of research sponsored by an ELECTRI Early Career Award.
  • The ELECTRI website has been enhanced to provide direct links to information about each company or NECA Chapter that is a member of the Council.