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New Challenge Grants Will Focus Attention On Young Talent
As of June 23, 2018

Published on: 
September 25, 2012

ELECTRI International now has the potential to increase significantly its funding for student initiatives thanks to the generosity of Richard W. McBride and Timothy McBride, Southern Contracting, San Diego, CA, and Walter T. Parkes and Michael Parkes, O'Connell Electric, Victor, NY.  ELECTRI has received commitments of $100,000 from each, to be released as ELECTRI enlists new investments. 

The McBride challenge is being made in memory of Charles Fazio, our ELECTRI International consultant, who helped the Foundation from day one to become the force for our industry that it is today.

Both challenge grants will support ELECTRI's annual Talent Initiatives such as student chapter support funding, the Green Energy Challenge, and our Student Passport initiatives in North America and/or other international locations. For every new or increased gift of $25,000 that ELECTRI receives, each challenge will release $5,000. That means a possible total of $700,000 if ELECTRI raises an additional $500,000.

ELECTRI welcomes San Diego County Chapter NECA as the first to meet the challenge with a $25,000 increase to its ELECTRI commitment. Ideal Industries announced its $100,000 commitment to ELECTRI last week and has dedicated $50,000 to the Talent Initiative challenge.

The challenge is on!