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Mosaic Learning Sees A Good Fit With ELECTRI
As of June 20, 2018

Published on: 
April 6, 2015

Mosaic Learning, headquartered in Columbia, MD, has joined the ELECTRI Council at the $100,000 Founder level.  Michael Callanan, CEO, recently outlined the reasons that the company made the decision to become more involved with ELECTRI International.

ELECTRI: What is the key element of Mosaic Learning that makes it a good fit with our Foundation?

Michael Callanan: As organizations seek to improve the skills, knowledge, and productivity of their people, they are driven to identify the most powerful and effective training programs and methodologies. The work that ELECTRI accomplishes is right in line with our corporate philosophy.

ELECTRI:  ur audience knows your work from your years with the NJATC. How did that experience, tied together with your vision for Mosaic Learning, help your company decide to join the ELECTRI Council?  

MC: During my time as Executive Director of the NJATC I saw, first hand, how important it is for our training effort to be properly aligned with the needs of our contractors. I see my role as CEO of Mosaic Learning as an opportunity to expand upon what we began at the NJATC both for our industry and for our contractors. ELECTRI is the perfect venue for a continuation of this effort.

ELECTRI: Do you see the electrical construction industry making progress or are companies standing still?  

MC: We are at a critical juncture.  We have to work together to build a bridge between emerging technologies and the practical world in which contractors live. At Mosaic Learning, we believe technology can be part of the solution in building this bridge. Contractors have to be ready to work on new platforms. We need to ensure that we can prevent disconnects between the new and emerging fields our contractors enter, and the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the workforce doing the work. We need to apply learning solutions that tie together technology and training to produce results.

ELECTRI:  And ELECTRI’s role? 

MC:  More of what ELECTRI accomplishes has to be practitioner-based. Working through the ELECTRI Council, we need to focus on how each contractor approaches the workforce. ELECTRI can also help contractors find ways to reduce risk through new learning solutions. With that approach, ELECTRI can help contractors improve market share and meet their customers’ needs.

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