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Lutron and ELECTRI Come Together
As of May 20, 2018

Published on: 
July 9, 2013

With 13 facilities spread over six continents, Lutron Electronics Company, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers serving the global electrical construction industry.  In June 2013, the company added $50,000 to its commitment to ELECTRI International, bringing the firm’s total to $150,000. The funds will be used to support ELECTRI’s research, education, and international agenda.

In talking with ELECTRI about the added gift, Thomas Ike, Vice President of Global Sales, noted, “Lutron has a strong commitment to electrical contractors and this industry. We believe that education and the development of the workforce are critical to the growth of electrical construction.  Working with ELECTRI, NECA, and the NECA Student Chapters is crucial as we focus on ways to help attract and retain talent in our industry.” 

Lutron describes itself as an architectural lighting, electronic shading, and energy control business and regards electrical contractors as key for promoting the company’s involvement in both new and existing buildings.  Ike continued, “We find so much synergy between ELECTRI and our company’s vision and goals – from researching best EC practices to student competitions to the annual Cross Border meetings.  It all comes together for us.”