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The Importance of Thoughtful Cash Management
As of June 23, 2018

Published on: 
June 28, 2013

ELECTRI International is pleased to present the first in a series of short but important articles and links that we hope you will find useful in your business.Our thanks to ELECTRI Council member Moss Adams, LLP (Everett, WA) for this informative piece.

The Importance of Thoughtful Cash Management

Construction is one of the most challenging industries. While historically low interest rates are making borrowing cheaper, they're also making the process of growing your company's internal capital much more difficult.

So what should proactive contractors do to get a competitive advantage and prepare for the future?
Senior executives from one ELECTRI Council partner Moss Adams LLP break down your options and explain why treasury management is so important in a recent article, published in CFMA Building Profits. / Read more