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ELECTRI Announces Focus for 2015 Green Energy Challenge
As of June 20, 2018

Published on: 
December 7, 2014

ELECTRI International - The Foundation for Electrical Construction has announced that 7th Green Energy Challenge (GEC) competition will launch in January 2015. The 2015 Green Energy Challenge (GEC) will focus on the development of a back-up power system and resiliency plan for an existing facility with demonstrated critical power needs.

Teams will be given more freedom to select a facility type on their campus or in their community. Due to the competition’s focus on resiliency, each team should seek a building with critical loads that would benefit from back-up power supply via micro grid (energy storage + on site power generation - solar, CHP, Fuel Cell).

The competition schedule is noted below to help NECA Student Chapter Advisors and teams begin their preparations.

December 5, 2014 Program and facility announcement

January 15, 2015 Detailed rules and scoring for 2015 GEC

January 29, 2015 Registration deadline for NECA Student Chapters

March (TBA) Pre- proposals due, including project assessment and background

April 20, 2015 Full proposals due

July 30, 2015 Finalists selected and announced

October 2015 Finalist teams make oral proposal presentations at NECA Convention in San Francisco

Each NECA Student Chapter Advisor is encouraged to begin forming its team for the 2015 competition, and also to incorporate all or parts of the Green Energy Challenge into spring course assignments.

For more details on the 2015 GEC Competition requirements, visit the web site at For additional information and all communications regarding the GEC program, contact Sylvia Selwood, Director of Operations for ELECTRI International, at or 301-215-4539.