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Early Career Awards Boost ELECTRI-Faculty Interaction
As of June 23, 2018

Published on: 
March 7, 2013
Press Release

ELECTRI International – The Foundation for Electrical Construction is now accepting proposals for its 2013 research grants to be initiated by younger faculty members at the Assistant Professor level at universities across the country. This award program creates early career interaction between faculty in the engineering and construction management disciplines and the electrical construction industry.

Early Career Awards may be used to supplement a new or on-going project where a component or module is directly applicable to the electrical construction industry, such as 

  • Pilot studies on key issues facing the electrical construction industry 
  • Development of electrical construction course materials 
  • Other innovative activities that will help advance the electrical construction industry.

ELECTRI International has identified Industrialization of the Construction Industry as a high value, high interest topic for 2013. The term refers to improving many aspects of the construction process, including efficiency, safety, cost and schedule by adapting manufacturing techniques to the construction industry. This theme was the focus of a keynote discussion at the January ELECTRI Council meeting. The digital presentation from the January meeting, together with a summary of follow-up discussions by Council members of high potential research topics can be found on the ELECTRI website at

The Foundation anticipates making two $7,000 Early Career Awards this year. Funds for each selected project will be distributed in the form of an unrestricted gift to the University in support of the faculty member and may be used for student support, faculty salary, and travel. To enhance the academic value of the grant, ELECTRI anticipates that one outcome of the work supported by the grant will be a paper publishable in a peer reviewed forum and of interest to the electrical construction industry. 

In announcing the 2013 grant competition, ELECTRI’s Program Review Committee Chair, Greg Long (Long Electric Company, California) noted, “Our approach to research helps provide support early in the careers of faculty who want to pursue projects and programs that will increase the visibility of the electrical contracting industry in U.S. colleges and universities. We find an extraordinary value in promoting long-term relationships among university faculty, ELECTRI International, and members of the electrical construction industry.” 

The proposal submission deadline is 25 April 2013. The Request for Proposal and all application requirements can be found on the ELECTRI website at Early Career Awards.