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Canadian Firm Joins ELECTRI Council as Founder
As of May 20, 2018

Published on: 
December 16, 2013

Robertson Bright, Inc. (RBI), a well-known electrical construction firm headquartered in Ontario, Canada, has joined the ELECTRI Council as a $100,000 Founder. ELECTRI sat down with RBI President, Wally Budgell, to learn more about the company’s interest in ELECTRI. 

ELECTRI: Was there an “aha!” moment that led to your decision to make a financial commitment to ELECTRI International?

Wally Budgell, President, RBI

Wally Budgell, President, RBI

Budgell: I first learned about the Foundation during this year’s NECA Now conference. I was amazed to hear so many stories about the value of ELECTRI’s research and I could see the excitement, first hand, on the part of contractors who were already on the Council.

ELECTRI: Tell our readers about your firm.

Budgell: Our company has been in business since 1954. We focus on design-build projects with about 200 employees and we serve the institutional, commercial and industrial markets. We work in Ontario and Alberta, Canada. In the US, we have operations in Nevada.

ELECTRI: How do you think your involvement with the Foundation will benefit RBI?

Budgell: I can already see ELECTRI provides a great opportunity for us. We have a lot to gain by learning more and more about ways we can improve and increase productivity. There are some aspects of electrical construction in which we excel and others – like pre-planning and pre-fabrication – where having ELECTRI research results will be a big boost for RBI and for all Canadian contractors.

ELECTRI: What does RBI bring to the Council?

Budgell: First of all, we bring the experience of our company and our willingness to provide input on projects. The systems that we use in Canada are not a lot different from those used in the US. Most of the studies that ELECTRI produces apply to Canadian contractors, just as much as they do to those based in the US or Mexico or anywhere else.

ELECTRI: Do you see more Canadian firms making the decision to get involved with ELECTRI?

Budgell: I certainly hope so. The Foundation has a strong supporter in the Greater Toronto Electrical Contractors Association and that’s important. Now, ELECTRI is holding its major Council meeting here in Toronto next July. That event will give many more Canadian companies the opportunity to learn about the importance of having a research and education organization that serves all of us.