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2012 Green Energy Challenge & Poster Competition Winners
As of May 20, 2018

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October 9, 2012

On Saturday, September 20, ELECTRI International and the National Electrical Contractors Association hosted the 4th Green Energy Challenge Finals during the NECA Convention in Las Vegas, NV.

The annual competition finals brought out the best and brightest student teams from across the country. Each NECA Student Chapter team faced a jury of contractors and industry partners. They presented their team's solution to an on-campus green energy issue and then faced a series of questions from the panel.

Youngstown State University NECA Student Chapter & NECA President Dennis F. QuebeThe Youngstown State University team received top marks and was selected as the 2012 winner. Youngstown came in second at last year’s competition, and the students were thrilled by their first win. The $2,000 award was presented to the team by NECA President Dennis F. Quebe during the Student Chapter Summit the following day. This was the first year four teams were included in the finalists’ presentations with The University of Washington team coming in second, and Iowa State University third. The team from Georgia Institute of Technology came in fourth. 

The 2012 Green Energy Challenge Best Presenter Award went to Christian McCuen from the University of Washington team.

All of the 2012 competition teams were eligible to submit a poster for separate judging by members of the ELECTRI Council. For the 2012 Poster Contest, Southern Polytechnic State University took first place, followed by Purdue University and Youngstown State University.

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