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Student Passport Program
As of June 20, 2018

As ELECTRI International continues its international outreach through its Cross-Border meetings and other initiatives, it recognizes its responsibility to give back to communities in need.

At the same time, ELECTRI sees an opportunity to involve NECA’s Student Chapters - the next generation of electrical construction professionals- in learning, first-hand, how to help improve daily conditions for communities that need electrical service improvements.

Student teams get valuable learning experiences through ELECTRI’s international Student Passport programs. Students select an international location with a critical need for new or upgraded electrical service. Working with their faculty advisor and a local electrical contractor, students design the installation and then volunteer their time and travel to complete the project.

ELECTRI’s seed funding facilitated the successful completion of two  international service projects in Honduras and Costa Rica. A third project in Belize is currently in progress and the fourth project Student Passport project in Panama City has recently been kicked off.

 Renew Crew, Honduras, 2009

 Renew-Crew, Honduras, 2009

The goals for the future of this ambitious program was to develop the initiative into a student competition and increase the funding for each project to allow students to fully focus on the project planning and execution. In February 2014, ELECTRI launched this new exciting student competition. / Read more