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Research Objectives
As of June 20, 2018

Each year, the ELECTRI Council examines proposed projects in five key priority areas in order to envision how each would best serve this industry. 

Productivity Enhancement

One serious issue facing the electrical contracting industry is that of empowering a trade-oriented management team to function optimally in a sophisticated and rapidly changing business environment. The Foundation concentrates on finding new ways to improve managerial skills and encourage a more efficient workforce.

New Business Sectors

Emerging business sectors provide a special challenge for the industry. Electrical contractors need a constant source of market information, research, and education on new directions and opportunities. ELECTRI International knows this is especially pertinent to the rapid development of integrated building systems and information connectivity sectors.

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is viewed as those skills necessary to recognize and apply new methods of installation and product application within an expanding body of technology. The Foundation supports projects that encourage technology transfer from producer to user, that encourage efficient information flow, and those that identify rapidly changing technologies impacting the construction industry.

Organizational Development

The key to effective job management requires the most efficient methods of directing the whole business organization. The structure and practices of any organization are critical to its success in a competitive marketplace. With the ELECTRI Council, the Foundation looks for ways to help the electrical contractor recognize and practice the most efficient means of management.

Career Awareness

A shortage of competent personnel will exist in the entire construction industry in the decades to come. Efforts are needed to make individuals aware of the career opportunities in the electrical industry. ELECTRI International funds projects that address ways to increase career awareness, identify successful career patterns, and develop career advancement strategies for individuals entering or presently in the industry. 

For each annual research cycle, the ELECTRI Council awards between 3-5 grants for full research projects as well as 1-3 Early Career Awards which focus on academics starting a career in higher education rather than established academics or researchers who have already conducted research for ELECTRI International.

ELECTRI Council members support each research project by participating in the projects’ Task Force. Read more about Task Force Members (PDF).