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Program Review Committee
As of June 20, 2018

The 2018 Program Review Committee

Sonja Rheaume, Chairman, Christenson Electric
Stephen Bender, Bana Electric
K.C. Borden, Kansas City Chapter
John Frantz, Sidney Electric Company
Kevin Gini, Collins Electric
Greg Gossett, ERMCO Electrical and Systems Contractor
Kellie Holland, Empire Electric, Inc.
Steve Killius, Legrand
Heather Moore, MCA, Inc.
Michael Parkes, O'Connell Electric
Greg Rick, Dakotas Chapter
Phil Santoro, Schneider/Square D
Tim Speno, E2E Summit
John Wright, Alterman, Inc.
Robert Zahn, Chewning & Wilmer, Inc.


ELECTRI’s Program Review Committee is an important part of the research selection process. When we review university proposals, we look for several things: relevance for our industry, timeliness and the quality of the project."

Anthony Maloney, Vice President, Koontz-Wagner Electric Construction Services