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As of July 16, 2018



ELECTRI International holds a variety of meetings throughout the year. Here are some of the highlights.



The ELECTRI Council (major contributors) meets to evaluate, select and fund the research agenda for that year. The Council also interacts with researchers to get updates on projects-in-progress and those about to be published.


The ELECTRI Cross-Border Meeting brings together electrical contractors from throughout the United States and from a variety of other nations.  These two-day meetings are held outside the US and focus on business opportunities and cultural exchange with the host country.

The Student Passport International Service Project is conducted in conjunction with the Cross-Border meeting and gives college students an opportunity for hands-on electrical construction experience working to help improve electrical service and conditions for a selected target population. 


The ELECTRI Council comes together to work on research project Task Forces and to select the Early Career Awards for the coming academic year.


At each year’s NECA Convention, the ELECTRI Council has an opportunity to meet to get an update on the Foundation’s agenda and to discuss industry trends and topics that they want to see ELECTRI address in the following year.

The Green Energy Challenge Competition final round is conducted during the Convention. Each selected NECA Student Chapter team presents its proposed solution to that year’s retrofit “problem”. Electrical contractors and industry partners serve as the jury for both the preliminary review of proposals and for the final on-site round of judging.

Another Convention-related event is ELECTRI’s invitation-only Recognition Reception for its Trustees, Council members, and guests.